One of the main ways we show our love is by supporting organizations and ministries that are already established in our community and doing good work. We collect funds each Sunday to donate to various organizations and causes. Our members also make decisions as individuals to support a wide variety of charitable causes and organizations.

You can find a list of the organizations we support in our Links and Resources

As partners in the gospel, we look to support ministries spearheaded by other churches in the community who are larger and have more resources than we do. One example of this is the Cloverdale Community Kitchen established by Pacific Community Church, which provides over 200 warm meals per week to local people who are homeless and also offers a warm place to stay in the winter for at-risk guests.

In the summer we host a free BBQ as a means to get to know members of our community and to establish our church as a positive and inviting place in the Cloverdale area. Twice a year (in the spring and the fall) our church hosts a parking lot sale. Our dedicated volunteers collect a large assortment of used items and prepare them for sale. It’s like a garage sale, only bigger and better! We also provide many delicious home-baked goods, soup, buns, coffee and more.

The primary way in which we seek to love our community is by living in it and building relationships with others. We believe that the Christian faith – while not providing answers for absolutely everything you’ll encounter and not promising earthly prosperity – provides the ultimate answers for all of life’s most important questions and promises true freedom and life through a relationship with Jesus. We pray that all the members of our community would know this saving reality. Rather than attempt to offer many programs to draw you in, we believe that we are simply called to love you by opening ourselves up to you in friendship and service. We encourage all our members to get involved in programs and organizations within our community, whether through youth sports, book clubs, soup kitchens, school associations, assistance for people who are disabled, or countless other opportunities.

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